Root to Rise Yoga Workshop

A Two-Part Yoga Workshop

Just as Yin and Yang are two distinct halves that together complete wholeness, the concepts of Rooting and Rising are COMPLIMENTARY VIRTUES, not competing opposites. 

Together, through purposeful movement, mindful meditation, meaningful discussion, and internal self-reflection, we will embark on a personal development journey to root down our positive intentions and rise up to our most elevated sense of self.

*Workshop Kit Included*

Join us for two beautiful evenings at two stunning locations:

We will ROOT down at Rein Fire Ranch

on Tuesday, June 8 from 7-8:15 pm


We will RISE up at the Lake Wilderness Arboretum

on Thursday, June 10 from 7-8:15 pm

This workshop is designed 
for all yoga levels. 
Come as you are, 

and get ready to feel amazing!


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and yoga series!

Rein Fire Ranch

Rein Fire Ranch is located just a few minutes from "4 Corners" in Maple Valley.

27615 340th Ave SE
Ravensdale, WA

Lake Wilderness Arboretum

The LWA is found in the heart of Maple Valley, nestled between the Lake Wilderness Lodge and the Cedar to Green River Trail.

22520 SE 248th St
Maple Valley, WA