Cathie B

"Ricole is a very effective yoga instructor, better than any I've had in the 20+ years of taking yoga classes. She has a very calming way about her, she's very knowledgeable and does a wonderful job of explaining the yoga positions and what they are intended to do and feel like so you always feel confident you are doing things right and will avoid injury or unnecessary strain on joints, which is very important for older participants like myself. She helps provide a no judgement class with a variety of variations to help everyone feel welcome and able to participate. Absolutely love taking classes taught by Ricole!!!"

Erica D

"I love everything about our Tuesday night yoga sessions. I'm not a full time yogi and that's why I love it. It's an opportunity for me to get away for an hour and try and be present. I love the themes and quotes shared with us. A few have really hit home for me. I also like that the poses can be modified for any skill level. Since I'm not consistent with practicing yoga, I don't feel intimidated that I can't do some of the poses as well as I should. Ricole makes everyone feel comfortable with where they are at!
I also love having it at Rein Fire - such an amazing space and way to feel connected to nature."

Darcy E

"Just started a 6 week yoga introduction class and it was just awesome. I haven't done yoga in the traditional form in over 4 years, and Ricole got me right back into my practice. I can't wait to continue!"

Nikki B

"Ricole is an amazing instructor. She is very warm and friendly and makes you feel instantly comfortable regardless of your skill level. She has a great knowledge of yoga but never makes you feel inferior for not knowing something. Her classes have the perfect balance of structure with room for spontaneity when needed. Ten out of ten! "

Jessica M

"My yoga experience with Maple Leaf Yoga was all that I imagined it would be. From the moment I walked in, to our final relaxation pose, I felt peace and hope.

This practice allowed for opportunities of stillness, reflection and beautiful movement during a wonderful yoga flow.

Ricole is a stellar instructor, who has an ease about her that makes others feel at ease. She makes each person feel valued and seen. The class was healing...physically and mentally."

Heather M

"Ricole is an amazing yoga instructor! I was a beginner when I started with her this year and she has helped me learn so much. Her classes accommodate all skill levels so it's been great as I've learned more. Has also been very flexible with Covid and holding either outdoor or virtual classes! "

Lacee M

"This was such a great class! It felt amazing to be in a group together, all working on improving our wellbeing. Ricole made the flow easily adaptable to any restrictions in my body. Can't wait to go back!"

George J

"I love that it was relaxed, safe and stress free. Pace was good. Levels were good." 

Sharon W

"Maple Leaf Yoga has created a peaceful and uplifting escape during this rough year! I left every class with a wonderful sense of tranquility and healing. Ricole has a calming presence and is truly an amazing instructor. I'm looking forward to continuing!" 

Beatriz S

"I love the instructor, the venue, and all the yoga we did!"

Heather P

"I love that I felt like I could do almost every move with some sort of modification that was announced. I had my own insecurities that I was dealing with but I never felt uncomfortable in the class and I always felt very welcome."

Heather H

"I don't want it to end! I love where we are having class. I feel like this is the perfect class for me - in an old barn, on a beautiful farm. I love how you start and end every session with meaningful quotes. I always feel great after each session, and appreciate that you always remind us that you can come to the mat as you are" :)

April B

"I love everything about Maple Leaf Yoga!"

Lisa L

"I love everything! Ready for my schedule to allow for more!"

Laura H

I love this class so much! Ricole is such an amazing instructor. I leave class each week feeling relaxed and restored! :) I will continue to sign up for future sessions!

Johann Baumgart

"This is my first attempt at yoga and absolutely love it. Excellent instruction! I tend to be quite energetic and yoga allows me to relax and unwind. I found the stretching beneficial as I tend to carry stress in my neck and shoulders..as I age, I want to keep limber and flexible."

Kim R

"I loved the peaceful setting, and the atmosphere the instructor set at the beginning with the poem - such a beautiful way to begin. And everyone was accepted and challenged not matter what level they were at."

Riannon C

"Ricole brings great energy to class! I love the varied stretching and balance poses. I always leave class feeling much better than I did when I came in."


"I loved the venue, the music, the pace of the class, everything!"